9 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress For Your Website

why should use wordpress

WordPress is, no dought, the most popular content management system. It goes without saying that this has one or more reasons. In the following, I would like to name a few reasons from my point of view:

1. Simple, Intuitive, Self-Explanatory

WordPress is simple and easy to use. The WordPress administrator interface is very intuitive and self-explanatory and new updates are done with a couple of clicks. Although I personally have never had a problem after an update, it is still recommended to create a quick backup of your website before updating. But even that is not rocket science with WordPress.

The WordPress installation is also not difficult and it is even easier if you choose a hosting provider that supports WordPress hosting. After choosing and purchasing a hosting plan, you can log in directly and install WordPress with one click. It’s so easy!

2. No Coding Knowledge Required

It takes a lot of time and patience to learn HTML, PHP, Javascript, etc. To really master it requires years of experience. And even if you would be able to after a while, you still have no content for your website. And that is more important than the cleanest code in the world.

Apart from that, not everyone is interested in learning about such web development languages. It is also a dry matter if you are simply not interested in it.

WordPress works more and more according to the WYSIWYG principle (What you see is what you get – what you see is what you get). That means you can see the changes you are making in the WordPress dashboard. You are spared eternal experimentation!

3. Time-Saving

One of the most important reasons for using WordPress is tremendous time-saving. If the content of your website is there and you have a plan in mind, a website can be created in a few days. Of course, it depends on the size of your website page. A smaller page or a simple landing page can even be created in a few hours if you already have a bit more experience with WordPress.

It is better to implement plans and to spend your time creating useful and high-quality content than to waste to much time with code and, in the end, may never have profited the plan.

4. Optics and design

Using WordPress, you can design your website on your own and decide how your website should look like.

Due to the enormous popularity of WordPress, more and more themes are being developed. There are a variety of themes with really great designs, which are based on the latest web design trends. Premium themes, in particular, offer a lot of functionality and setting options that make good design really easy.

5. Responsive Support

More and more people are using their smartphones to surf the internet. Google prefers websites that are optimized for mobile devices. That means a page without mobile optimization will not be able to achieve good rankings on Google search results, which can have a huge impact on the traffic of a website.

WordPress has a large number of free and premium themes, the design of those themes is completely responsive. This means that the website is adapted and optimally displayed for every device or screen size because a website must be easy to read even on small screens and horizontal scrolling should be avoided if possible. Responsive themes do it automatically.

6. Versatile

Whether for business portfolios, photography sites, affiliate sites or online shops, there is a suitable theme for every area. You can find a theme on the WordPress Dashboard under Design > Themes or on any WordPress Theme marketplaces on the Internet. One of the most famous, if not the most famous, marketplace is Themeforest.

Apart from countless themes, there are thousands of plugins that you can use to expand WordPress functionality with more special functions. This enables you to further enhance your website to your ideas.

However, you should not excessively use WordPress plugins, as these often contain more functions than you actually need and these slow down a website unnecessarily.

7. Multiple Users Support

With WordPress, you can create multiple user profiles with different permissions and rights. This way, different people can upload photos, create posts, etc. And here you also have the advantage that it is simple and practically anyone can do it without having any knowledge and experience in web development.

You can also think about having the basic structure of a WordPress website made by a professional for a little money and you then only care about the content to upload such as text contributions or new photos and videos.

8. Large community

Since WordPress is the market leader among CMS (content management systems), it has a correspondingly large community. That means you can usually find the right solution for your problem directly on the Internet. If this should not be the case, you can always ask in a WordPress forum.

9. Free

And in the last but not least – WordPress is an open-source project and is totally free!

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